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The Tasting Room offers private bespoke tastings unlike any other in Budapest. Múzsa creates tailor-made experiences to awaken senses with unique offerings of pálinka, tokaji aszú and marvellous local and international wine. 

Pre-booking is required.


The fruit of a tender union of man, soil, and vine. The sublime beauty of Hungary’s sun-soaked hilltops and uniquely rich land are exquisitely expressed in this local varietal that is celebrated for its sweet complexity and unique aromas. 

In Eszencia, Tokaji reaches the height of perfection. “The noble king of wines,” as it is known locally, is the result of a painstaking process that makes every drop as rare as it is superb. Renowned for its astonishing bouquet of enchanting aromas, Eszencia is magic on the palate.


The fruits of this fertile land, nature’s precious gift for all those who cherish her. The honoured tradition of capturing these fragrant essences of the forests, valleys and hilltops, is as old as the country itself. 

Here, elevated to its highest form, Pálinka is a special invitation to taste the soul of Hungary.


In Múzsa’s Treasury, a bottle of Royal Tokaji Eszencia, the most expensive wine in the world, is on display and available for sale. 

Four liquid jewels so rare and precious only those privileged enough to keep company with Múzsa even know of their very existence. Even fewer will ever discover their splendour.