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Through the ages,  I’ve had many names and appeared in many places.  In my beloved  Budapest, they call me  Múzsa.

Story of Múzsa

She is alive with the mysterious powers of divine inspiration. And like Budapest, the city where her spirit lives, she is both beautiful and enchanting. You can find her everywhere. You can see her in the majestic skyline that looks as if it were made for the eyes of painters. You can recognize her in the Art Nouveau architecture that gives Budapest its unmistakable character. And you can summon her here, in a palace for the ages, where celebration meets inspiration. Let her colourful cocktail creations dance with your senses, and be transported to a timeless Golden Age.

Signature Drinks

Consisting of 9 colours masterfully interpreted both visually and through flavours, the cocktails are divided into three eras and are paired with unique menu descriptions designed to stir the imagination. The eras are Chromatic Dawn, Golden Age and Luminous Horizons, each with three cocktails that narrate their own origins. Every cocktail is made with a different spirit and combined with the finest locally sourced ingredients to provide unique flavour profiles ranging from umami to bittersweet to low ABV.

Signature Food

Executive Chef Árpád Győrffy artfully blends modern and innovative Japanese dishes with locally sourced ingredients providing an exciting selection of sophisticated bar food offering in the form of small plates and tapas-style bites, designed for sharing. 

Herend Porcelain

In collaboration with the master artists of Herend Porcelain Manufactory, an original pattern was created exclusively for Múzsa’s beautiful line of bespoke chinaware. The perfect complement to Múzsa’s elegant bites. A collection of Herend’s signature pieces can be found on display in the Tasting Room.

Varga Crystal

A tribute to the timeless elegance of Hungarian craftsmanship, the Varga Art Crystal glasses are living works of art. Each hand-cut stem and intricately engraved crystal masterpiece is individually signed by hand. A collection of these crystal artworks can be found on display in the Tasting Room and with some of Múzsa’s craft cocktail creations.

Maison Elysian

Inspired by the ornamental characteristics and decorative lines of the Gresham Palace, Boglárka Bódis, a local fashion designer, created a stylish collection of MÚZSA professional outfits individually tailored to each position of the culinary team. The design incorporates the beautiful pattern of the Herend Múzsa china collection and the mosaics found in the Gresham Palace.