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Live Musings

MÚZSA invites you for live musical performances. Every Thursday from 9:00 pm to 11:45 pm and every  Friday and Saturday from 9:45 pm to 0:30 am. 

Reservations required. 


Tuesday, October 3rd
Cséki Kálmán (piano night)

Wednesday, October 4th
Nagy Ricsi

Thursday, October 5th
Lucy Markus Quartett 

Friday, October 6th
Andrew Ace Band 

Saturday, October 7th

Tuesday, October 10th
Horváth Balázs (piano night)

Wednesday, October 11th
Orbay Lilla

Thursday, October 12th

Friday, October 13th
On Time Band 

Saturday, October 14th
Son Tres

Tuesday, October 17th
Cséki Kálmán (piano night)

Wednesday, October 18th
Nagy Ricsi

Thursday, October 19th
Orbay Lilla Quartett 

Friday, October 20th
Myra Monoka  

Saturday, October 21st
Wonder Women 

Tuesday, October 24th
Lakatos László (piano night)

Wednesday, October 25th - Pink October
Wonder Women 

Thursday, October 26th

Friday, October 27th
Ruby Pearl

Saturday, October 28th
Pharao Project

Tuesday, October 31st
Cséki Kálmán (piano night)